Our brand new single Silver Tongued White Man, all sales from our bandcamp page of this song will go to https://unistoten.camp


Jason camp and the posers


Jason Camp and The Posers plays upbeat Punkabilly. The band consists of two Haida madmen: SG_aan Kwah.Agang (James McGuire) is on vocals and guitar, Jaahljuu (Graham Richard) rockets away on his drum kit.

We write and sing about life on Haida Gwaii, local legends, good times and indigenous struggle worldwide. Our debut EP Neat Times and Family Values gives a snapshot of our sound. Our first full length album First Contact will be released in 2019 with the opening single just released Silver Tongued White man.

Both of us are from Haida Gwaii and are of Haida descent. The isolation of the islands we live on has created a hotbed of talented musicians with a DIY attitude, working together to make live shows and on-island recording happen. We have created a lively scene here and have taken our brand of mischief on tour across Northern British Columbia.

On top of making our high energy, rage-filled, Punkabilly music we also both perform in a traditional Haida Dance group. We are experimenting with how to let our background in Haida Dance bleed through into our recordings and our live show.

Haida tradition informs our lives in every way.

Vocals, Guitar / SG_aan Kwah.Agang (James McGuire)
Drums / Jaahljuu (Graham Richard) 




Ging Gang Hla tllG̲ad means "do it yourself," and that's what we're all about.

We are a collective of artists dedicated to promoting the independent music, performance, and visual arts scene on Haida Gwaii. We believe that through cooperation and mutual aid, local artists can elevate each other and accomplish things together that would never be possible individually.

Ging Gang Hla tllG̲ad literally translates to "help yourself," and that reminds us why we do this. We're all in this together, and when we help each, other we help ourselves.

We are looking for more artists and musicians to join us and help build up this community, so get in touch if you're interested in being involved.

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